Problemas domésticos e nerdices

22 de outubro de 2008

Cafeína e ar condicionado - é o demo!

The biggest thing caffeine does is jack your stress level through the roof, which steers your metabolism straight into "Survival/Conservation" mode. While it's doing that, it also increases your appetite, which makes you seek a whole pile of comfort foods to swallow in order to cope with that stress we just mentioned. And while it's doing that, caffeine will also be running around your body fucking with your hormones and raising your cholesterol and basically just being a complete dick.

The body has to burn energy to maintain its temperature. Make it too cold or too hot, and the body has to burn calories to adjust. But put the body in a room that's 72 degrees all the time, and those processes don't run. No energy is burned and no calories are spent. pode ser piada, mas eles fazem a pesquisa direitinho. Maldito café, maldito ar!

O negócio é me mudar pra floresta.

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